Projector Repair in India - Projector Repairing India

LCD DLP LED Projector Repair/ Repairing in India Uttarakhand Dehradun

We are Expert Projector Repair Engineers for Repairing faults of all Projector Brand models. We Repair all Projector Problems/ Faults/ Errors like- No Power/ Dead, Projector Brightness low/ less/ Dull Projector image, Projector lamp faulty, no light from projector, Projector turns off immediately, Projector shut down after few minutes, Projector DMD Fault as Projector image with spots, Projector fault in - Power supply / Lamp Ballast/ Mainboard/ Lens/ Light Tunnel/ LCD Panel. Projector Fan/ Remote not working, Projector does not detect computer input signal, Projector image with Shading problem, Projector image with Red/ Blue Colour Patch, Yellow/ Blue Projector image background, Projector Focus not proper/ image not clear, Projector does not turn on as Temp error, Vertical lines in Projector image, Power does not turn on as Power red light does not turn green.