how to know if Projector-need lamp replacement

How to know if your Projector needs lamp Replacement ?

To confirm Projector needs Projector lamp Replacement please do as following:-

If Projector is less Bright, then check Lamp Hrs. used from the "Menu" Button Options.

1) If used Lamp Hrs is more than 1500 hrs and Projector is not in "Eco/ Power save" mode then you need to change the Lamp, or

2) If Lamp hours used is less than 1000-1500 Hrs, then this is not a Lamp issue but a Projector issue. Projector can be dusty inside and requires Servicing, or

3)  If even after Projector Service the Brightness is not good then your Projector is Faulty. You can send Projector to our Projector Repair/ Projector Service Center by Courier or to your local Service Center. 

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